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PSYC 4750
Linda Hunter

SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR Effects of Sex Hormones on Behaviour  sex hormones, secreted by testes and ovaries have effects on cells all over the body that promote reproduction  these hormones cause production of sperm, build up lining of uterus, trigger ovulation, and stimulate production of milk  also effect nerve cells in brain, affecting behaviour  sex hormones DON’T CAUSE behaviours  sex hormones affect people’s motivation to act in reproductive way Effects of Androgens  androgens such as testosterone important for male sexual development  testosterone causes male sex organs and brain to develop  prenatal effects of sex hormones aka organizational effects because they alter organization of sex organs and brain  unless testosterone is present, males can’t have erection and engage in sexual intercourse  such effects aka activational effects because hormone activates sex organs and brain that are developed  Davidson, Camargo and Smith (1979)performed double-blind study of activational effects of testosterone on men with insufficient production of androgens  men were given monthly injections of placebo or one of two dosages of long lasting form of testosterone  this study showed an increase in erections and intercourse in a month and larger dosage produced more of an effect than smaller one  this proves that testosterone affects male sexual performance  testosterone affects sex drive, but doesn’t determine object of sexual desire eg: homo man injected with testosterone wont suddenly be interested in women, but will have increased effects in his interest with men  Salmon and Giest (1943) found that testosterone had effect on sexual desire and sensitivity of clitoris to touch  Persky and colleges (1978) studied sexual activity of 11 married couples from ages 21- 31  Participants kept records daily of their sexual feelings and behaviour, as their testosterone blood levels were measured twice a week  couples more likely to engage in intercourse when womans testosterone level was at peak  women found intercourse to be more gratifying during these times Effects of Progesterone and Estrogen  in most species of mammals, estradiol and progesterone hormones have strong effects on female sexual behaviour  levels of these hormones fluctuate during menstrual cycle of primates and estrous cycle of other female mammals  diff between the two cycles is that lining of primate uterus, not that of other mammals builds up during first part of the cycle and sloughs off at end eg: female laboratory rat will receive advances of male only when levels of estradiol and progesterone in blood are high  this happen
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