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Lecture 1

SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: World War I, Middle Ages

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

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Theoretical approaches and frameworks
Theoretical concepts have a role in shaping the direction of:
-Directing observation
-Guiding description
Sociology -
-LOGY – study a high level
-SOCIO – points to society
othe study of society from a higher theoretical perspective
osociety is defined as human beings interacting with each other
opatterns of behaviour, not individual behaviour
othe study of what is
Comte (1839)
Social Philosophy
-developed in middle east
-middle ages
-the study of what ought to be
-Similar to sociology because we look at the past
-A series of events
-Sociology is interested in the patterns in history
Recurring patterns observable in human interdependence
-Post people saw their culture as prescribed by God
-World determined by fate
-17th an 18th century – these views went through fundamental changes
oWith new political structures
oLaws made by humans and not by Gods
-People became aware that the world was not fate
oIt was created by humans and maintained by humans
oUnderstand that we have the power to change the world for the better
Historically, sociological classical theory written between the time of the great French
Revolution 1789-1799 and WWI (1919)
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