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Lecture 2

SOAN 2040 Week 2 Sept 13 Lecture

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040

WEEK 2 Sept 13 Thurs SOAN 2040 Globalization Work and OrganizationsView past what brought us here and what is to come how we will look at globalization and labour Yates Chapter 1 and 2 The New Economy Capitalism and Inequality Economic MiraclesCountrys Preeconomic miracle profileEconomic stagnationBackward Economic Miracle ProfileSudden signs of rapid economic growthsteady and large increases in Gross Domestic Products DP measures a countrys total production ResultPapers are published analyzing the new miracles and to praise the countrys growth policies as an example for other poor countries to followHowever the miracle is shortlived and rarely improves the lives of the mass of working people The Miracle in the Rich NationsThe belief that the economy is no longer subject to the cycles of prosperity that have characterized all the capitalist economies from the beginningExample o The US economy ten years of G
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