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Classical Theory Lecture Note

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

ndFri March 2 2012Max Weber 18641920 Important for FinalFather was a hedonist mother was a strict protestantDueller and partier highly academic military service1897 suffered a breakdown went to sanitarium 1903 intellectual forces comes back1905 and 1909 major empiricalwork in social pych of industrial work and facyor yowrkers1910 cofounder of the German Sociological Society Immense contributionsrelgioin economics history politicsUnlike Marx and Durkheim he rejected optimist outcomes for transition to modernity Weber projects a polar night of icy darknessrational and bureaucratic organizations of society iron cage Modernity produces a technical society not a cultured society a passionless coldly calculating rational actor Beginning of more technical testing of hypotheses look at research as linked with experiementation Move towards studying people in relations to studynew phenomenonBoth people and societ can be shaped in different ways o Marxeconomic forces influence thning and social organization o Freudpsychological drives influence personality formation o Webercultural belief influences economic organization o Durkhiemculture is its own system with psychological and economic factorsIndustrialiationsociolohical paradigms became more microscopic individualistic and inductive Social behavio
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