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Lecture 1

SOC 1500 Lecture 1: SOC 1500 Lecture 1 Notes

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SOC 1500
Ryan Broll

Studying Crime January 12, 2017  Defining crime…  Objectivist–legal vs. social reaction  Objectivist-Legal: criminologists should focus on “rule breakers” o Core Question: What are causes of criminal behaviour? o Canadian Criminal Law is focused on this o Has informed several prominent criminological theories 1. Administrative Law:  form of public law,  governs relationship between individuals and the state  i.e. labour laws, environmental laws, licenses (liquor, drivers,etc.) 2. Civil Law:  form of private law,  governs relationship between individuals  i.e. contracts, wills, real estate  resolved by lawsuits, private settlements, or civil courts  civil court = balance of probability 3.Criminal Law:  form of public law,  governs threat to social order  ie. crimes against the person (homicide, assault)  property crimes (thefts, vandalism)  offences that are wrong with no obvious victim (illegal drug use)  criminal court = without a reasonable doubt  Canadian Criminal Law: informed by objectivist-legalist perspective  actus reus (guilty act)  mens rea (guilty mind/intent) o under 12 cannot be convicted because cannot possess mens rea or have mental disability  prosecution = crown  Crime and Social Reaction:  labelling theorists argued that deviance is constructed o “The deviant is one to whom that label has successfully been applied; deviant behaviour is behaviours that people so label” (Becker 1963: 9)  Grounded in
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