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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
Mavis Morton

Tuesday Jan 17 2012SOC1500 Lecture 3quizzes get posted every fridayyour best 10 get pickedquizzes are 30 of your markPostingspecically refer to course materialPublic Condence in Criminal Justice in Canada Journal ArticleThis article reviews the empirical research on the public condence in the criminal justice system in Canada and attempts to explain current trendsNo evaluation of overall state of public condenceQuestionsHow much condence do Canadians express in their justice system1How to levels of public condence in Canada compare with other jurisdictions2How much variation in condence levels exist across public institutionsbetween 3specic branches of the justice systemIs there any evidence that levels of public condence in justice have declined 4recentlyPublic condence is important for the functioning of the justice systemReportingParticipation complainants witnesses jurors important for effective prosecution of accusedPromotes sense of belonging and cohesionRelevant ArgumentsPerceptions are media drivenThe mission of the criminal justice system is not primarily to help crime victims but rather to promote public safety and impose appropriate punishments Crime ControlJudges must discharge multiple mandates one of which is ensuring that defendants receive a fair trial Individual RightsIndividual Rights and Crime Control on nal examConclusionsA higherof the public is satised than dissatised with the justice systemA signicant plurality of the public is dissatised with the practice of the system or what they perceive the system to be doingThe public has less condence in justice system than other systems eg healthThe ultimate question is what should be done about a justice system that fails to inspire condence or that has elements in which the public have little condenceThe answer to low levels of public condence lies in addressing the gaps in public knowledge of the justice systemInform people how it actually works dont just rely on the media
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