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Sixth Lecture - Issues of Inequality Continued - Sept 25th 2013 (1).docx

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University of Guelph
SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

SOC 2010 – LECTURE #6 – SEPTEMBER 26TH 2013 Issues of Inequality... Continued 4.) Stratification creates hierarchy  Status  Ascribed status  Achieved status  Society based on meritocracy o Looking at people achieving different roles  Society values social mobility o People being born into a wealthy home 5.) The role of class  Class o Looking at different types of gauges to determine where people stand o One occupies in economics  Socio-economic status o Income, education, occupation  Placing (UK) o Background  With class, we begin to talk about material things  Why is class important? o Helps us determine where people stand [placing] 6.) Trends in class & occupation  Shifts in where people work o Ex. Decrease in farming – increasing in service paid jobs  Decline of wages (inflation) o Lack of opportunity  Lost job security o Number of jobs being lost o Significant change in job situations 7.) Mobility and generational success  Intergenerational occupational mobility o Where within our own lifetime, we see people in our own generation doing better or worse  Income level going up and down  Intragenerational occupational mobility  Career changes (3-4) in a life time  People inherit privilege ALEX UNDERBAKKE 1 SOC 2010 – LECTUR
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