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Lecture Bereska

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

thMonday 9 Lecture pt 2Bereska Chapter 1Determining DevianceWho Is Deviant o Deviance textbooks y Traditionally nuts sluts perverts o Student pollsconsider to be deviant y Who do youo Dictionary y deviating from an accepted norm y Deviance is violating normsDefining Deviance o Problem of definition BenYehuda 1990 o What is the defining characteristic of deviance o Objectivesubjective dichotomyObjectiveSubjective Dichotomy o Objective definitions y A common characteristic y People recognize deviance when they see it o Subjective definitions y No common characteristic us that a certain person behaviour or y Someone must tell characteristic is deviantObjectivism o The common characteristic is y Statistical rarity y Harm y Negative societal reaction y Normative violation 1 Statistical Rarity o Something is deviant if it is rare o Limitations y Criteria for rare are ambiguous y Common things may be unacceptable y Rare things may be acceptable 2 Harm o Something is deviant if it causes y Physical harm y Emotional harm y Harm to the functioning of society
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