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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Rural Sociologylecture 5shift of agrarian Protest to the West Prairie PopulismPopulism a core phenomenon of Canadian political life both historically and todaymixes core political ideologies of socialism liberalism conservatism opposition to elitespolitical andor or economic advocates more power tothe people the producers of society etctea party movement mixes different political currents doesnt have an individual ideologyproducersworked with handsfarm or industry were not shared the wealthleft wing populism prairies focus on capitalist elites and their allies in mainstream political partiesLiberal and Conservativesfavour active government public enterprise strong labour movementthey wanted the state to act on the behalf of people instead of getting government to favour certain people interest they wanted a state to be able to favour the majoritythe people as coalition of farmers workers the poor progressive intellectualseconomic elites liberal and conservativeshad strong ties with canadas wealthy familiesgot government to serve their interestwent through back door Right wing populismhostile to political elites state bureaucratsbig govt special interests State intervention occasionally financial interestscase of NazismIndividualism libertarianism private initiative versus state or public initiatives Quebec and out west leaving things up to the individual instead of majority private sector replace big govt with private Enterprisehostility to political elites special interests highjack agendatea party want to bring tax rates downNazi jewish elites controlling interestslibertarianleaving things up to the individual 1st private initative state or public inititative comes 2ndprivate enterprises replaces governmentevangelical christiansmay have strong fundamentalist religious element Eg W Aberharts Social Credit in Alberta Duplessis and Union Nationale Party Quebec Reform Party in 1990s what are the roots of right and left wing populism McPherson thesismaterial basis different between provinces Saskatchewan v Alberta
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