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SOC2080 Week 1 Jan 12 Lecture Notes

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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080 WEEK 1 Jan 12 ThursFood and Diet in Palaeolithic and Neolithic TimesAppearance of artefacts from end of last ice age 8500 yrs agoDivided into lowerand middle era of Neanderthal and upper Palaeolithic only homosapiens existed Paleo dietsDebate about vary according to enviro wide variety of plants and animal proteins diet evolved to thrive ono Didnt exist Dairy grains etcTime span of paleo diets o 800150200 thousand bp before present as homosapiens o Longer if consider other early human species 2 mill yrs o Most of time since emerged from early origin from great apes we ate this diet 99 on the planetUnstratified paleo communities mainlyNeolithicstone age o Farm animals first domesticated agri introduces ththo Began in near east by 8 millennium bc and spread to N Europe by the 4 millennium bcEarly agrarian dietary regimes o Change in content of diets few grains and some animal species domesticated o Wheat oats barley rice Old World maize New World o Domestication of cattle horse pig some fowl Old World o Jared Diamond thesis on role of location of domestication in nearly economic devtAgriculture makes possible sedentary settlement urbanization tech devt
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