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Lecture 4

SOC2080 Week 4 Feb 2 Lecture Notes

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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080 WEEK 4 Feb 2 ThursMove onto chpt 6 and 7 next week WhyMeans and understanding to domesticate animals Animals lose enzyme to digest milk as reach certain ageBefore pasteurization didnt drink bc often contaminated Ontario Milk Marketing BoardConditions in early part of centuryPrice collapse of Depression years o More specialization in depression farmers issuesIn processing sphere less and less existed and consolidating that sphere o Price cuts processes under pressure so looking to get milk cheap o Production evolvedsold cheap to industrial Parttime shippers undercutting marketDairies playing producers off against each otherForced to buy stock in dairyMilk delivered but not paid forTainted and contaminated milk frequentCreation of Ont Whole Milk Prod League o Farmers to come together and protect their interestsMilk Control Act of 1934 o Govt brings in legislation under pressure to contain sin
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