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mass media

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SOC 2280
Linda Hunter

Mass Media – print, radio, television, and other communication technologies - Of the 8,760 hours in a year, the average American spends 3,440 of them (39.3%) interacting with the mass media. People spend more time watching television, listening to the radio, going to the movies, reading newspapers, playing CDs, using the Internet, and so forth, than they do in any other single endeavor, including sleeping, working, eating, or talking with friends and family. - The average American spends a total of $685.18 on the mass media each year. - The mass media are significant agents of socialization. Much of reality—including clothing and hair styles, as well as one’s hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears—are generated by the media. Corporate Megamergers • Media concentration refers to the tendency of the media industries to cluster together in groups with the goal of enhancing profitability. Examples of big media conglomerates include: News Corp – includes Avon Books; British Sky Broadcasting; Fox Broadcasting Company; Fox News Channel; Fox Television Stations; FX Networks; HarperCollins; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Post; William Morrow Publishing AOL Time Warner – includes America Online; Atlanta Braves; Atlanta Hawks; Book of the Month Club; Cartoon Network; CNN; Sports Illustrated; Fortune; In Style; Little, Brown and Company; New Line Cinema; Parenting; People; Southern Living; TBS Superstation; Time; Turner Network Television; Warner Brothers Studio Stores; Warner Music Group; World Championship Wrestling Walt Disney – includes ABC Radio and Television Networks; Discover magazine; Disneyland Resort; Go Network; Hyperion Books; Los Angeles magazine; Miramax Films; Walt Disney Studios; The Disney Store; Mighty Ducks of Anaheim; Anaheim Angels; Touchstone Pictures; also, partial owners of ESPN, Lifetime TV, E! Entertainment TV, and the History Channel
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