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Anthropology 1150 Lecture 2013 Two-page essay: nd  Due in class and online April 2  Essay Ideas: o What mistake did Kane make in the field? How did it influence her fieldwork? o What specific problems did she have?  Example: physical, emotional, cultural, linguistic, practical, ethical? o Make/have 5 points from the textbook, use 3 of them tops.  Ritual  Taboo  Religious Movements  Anthropological perspectives: o The importance of religion in cultural and social contexts Ritual: Arnold van Gennep (1908)  What are rites of passage? o Mark a person’s passage from one identity to another o Consists of stages of separation, transition, and incorporation  Found that there were common structure between cultures  WILL BE ON EXAM: o Stage 1: Separation - separated from the rest of the society o Stage 2: Transition – painful experiences/ hardship common o Stage 3: Incorporation – when the ritual is done, the people are incorporated into society with a new status What is the liminal (transitional) period?  Victor Turner (1966:95)  “Liminal entities are neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, custom, convention, and ceremonial” Gender & Rites of Passage:  How do people use rituals to construct gender identities? o Male circumcision/initiation rites  Common in a number of tribal societies th Alex Tuesday, March 26 – 2013 / Anthropology Lecture Underbakke 1 Anthropology 1150 Lecture 2013 o Female circumcision/initiation rites  Not as common as man initiation rites  Mark tradition from young girl to woman Are women’s religious activities morally significant?  Ecstatic Religion (1971) by Lewis  Examined the characteristics of spirit possession = female subculture o Men: associated with the dominant religion in a given society o Women: associated with peripheral cults with no moral significance  Wombs and, and the Zar cult in Northern Sudan (1989) Janice Boddy  Studied people in a
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