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history of crime

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

September 202011Criminological Theory History of CrimeThree types of Crime Explanations1 External forces nature evil cosmology and demonologyy External things act upon a person causing them to engage in criminal behaviory In the past there were many cosmological explanations for crime such as full moons and the position of the starsy Nature climate and forces of nature in high humidity people tend to be more stressed out and thus more likely to commit crimesy Historically there were thought to be evil forces and the presence of Satan in people who committed crimes Spiritual forces and possession causes crime exorcisms werent uncommony Still some remnants of this belief system today2 Internal causes psychological biological aspectsy You can manage and treat criminaldeviant behaviory Can predict criminal behavior based on certain characteristics 3 Group association looks at individual traits and the various relationships people formy Sociological componenty Social environments people are subject to and how they influence behavior ex family friends etc The ObjectiveSubjective Debate difficult to completely separate objective and subjective ideas1 Objective behavior is realy Real concrete substantive things that can be measuredy Usually quantitativey2 Subjective behavior is constructedy How we look at criminal activities what things mean and how they are socially constructedy Crime goes beyond its definitionThe Classical School of Criminologyo Tied to the enlightenment period philosophical ideas tried to make sense of human nature and link it to social control o Role of hedonism self interest causes people to seek pleasure and avoid pain y Why people may not want to commit crimes ex reputation dont want to go to jail morals and ethics
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