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SOC 2760
Rob Shearer

Pozzulo8 Questions The double life of Col Russell WilliamsWilliams was eventually charged with almost 100 counts of breaking and entering forcible confinement sexual assault murders of 38yearold Cpl MarieFrance Comeau and 27yearold Jessica Elizabeth Lloyd Confessed to crimes pleaded guilty to 88 charges st Sentenced October 21 2010Received two terms of life sentence for murders no chance of parole for 25 years plus extra time for lesser offencesMilitary officer with previous responsibilities as flight instructor at various Canadian Forces training schools and as a pilot for highprofile govt officialsCommander of CFB Trenton during the time many of his crimes were committed including the two murdersNature and Extent of Homicidal Violence nd 4 types of homicide 1st degree murder 2 degree murder manslaughter and infanticideMax five years for infanticide life in prison for other threeSome killing except such as killing n war killing in self defenseCanadas homicide rate peaked in the 1970s and gradually declined from 752003 reached 30year lowHom rate increased in 2004 and 2005 reached highest point in nearly a decade but appears to be generally decreasing again despite a slight 2 increase from 0708Canada is seeing a steady rise in gangrelated homicidesGunrelated homicides have been on the rise since 2002 In 2008 200 homicides resulted from the use of firearms mostly 61 handgunsFemale hom decreasing 087 per 100 000 is lowest in 1961Bimodal Classification of HomicideReactive aggression violence that is impulsive unplanned immediate driven by negative emotions an occurring in response to some perceived provocation Also known as affective violence Happens more among relatives Instrumental aggression violence that is premeditated calculated behavior motivated by some goal This goal could be to obtain money power control gratification of sadistic fantasies usually happens among strangers Also called predatory aggressionIn a largescale study done by Miethe and Drass out of 34 329 single victim single offender hom in US bw 1990 and 1994 80 were reactive 20 instrumentalVictimoffender was divided into 3 categories strangers acquaintances and family membersintimates 55 acquaintances 80 reactive 28 family 93 reactive 17 stranger 52 reactive Filicide When parents killFilicide the killing of children by their biological parents or stepparents includes neonaticide killing a baby within 24 hours of birth and infanticide killing a baby within first year of lifeChild murder in Canada is uncommon2004 55 children and youth under 18 were killed lowest since first started recording in 74The murder of youth and children accounted for 9 of national homicides 2004Father was perpetrator in 62 cases mother 32 Maternal filicides put in three broad types 1 neonaticides 2 committed by battering mothers 3 committed by mothers with mental illness Three types of mental illness during postpartum period 1 postpartum blues 2 postpartum depression 3 postpartum psychosisBox 144 from devotion to depression mothers who killPostpartum depression affects 10 of new mothers rate increase about 2030 who have previous depressive episodesPostpartum psychosis is the most rare 1 and 1000 mothers within 6 months of birthSymptoms include hearing voices seeing things feeling irrational guilt Ex 1 Suzanne Killinger JohnsonPhysician with a psychotherapy practice in TorontoHistory of depression while in med school at Western UniversityFebruary 2000 gave birth to son Cuyler she became obsessed with caring for himBy spring she started meds July stopped taking antidepressants because she was worried about the side effects in her breast milk th 630 am august 11 while her father left her alone for a couple mins she left the house with cuyler jumped in front of trainHe died instantly she died 8 days laterEx2 Andrea Yates th After her 4 son Paul was born was diagnosed with postpartum depressionAttempted suicide twice Hospitalized antidepressant medicationAfter birth of daughter Mary postpartum depression again hospitalized twice antidepressants postpartum psychosis th June 20 2001 husband left for work prior to her mother arriving to help she drowned her 5 childrenNoah 7 John 5 Luke 3 Paul 2 Mary 6 months in bathtub at homeShe was delusional thought she had to murder them to save them from SatanMarch 2002 took jury 4 hours to reject yates insanity plea and found he guilty of capital murderSame jury took 40 mins to reject death penalty sentenced her life in prison2005 reversed convictions because of false testimony given by psychiatrist th New trial July 26 2006 found not guilty by reason of insanity put in state mental hospitalMost common type of mental illness is postpartum blues crying irritability anxiety few days of childbirth and lasting from a few hours to days but rarely continuing past 12 daysPostpartum depression 719 of women occurs within the first few weeks or months after birth usually lasts several months depressed mood loss of appetite concentration and sleep problems suicidal thoughtsPostpartum psychosisdelusions hallucinations suicidal or homicidal thoughts within first 3 months after childbirth
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