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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

- good title - good introduction - creative way to show variables - definitions of variables - supporting statistics causal factors and change objectives - presenters examined the causal factors for an educational issues - then, they state their social change objectives to be addressed in order to achieve their ultimate goal week’s objectives - make sure you have an issue that relates to this course ie. An educational issue - examine the causes of the issue - state the social change objectives - select appropriate change targets - select associate resistances chapter 4 - objectives - to understand the varying forms that schooling takes across time and space - to discover how schooling has changed over the century - to see how school forms have changed due to changing values review: assignment 1 - to select an education issue (dependent variable) - select 5 causal (independent variables). These variables should be selected from your text readings for each week - you may revise the selection of your independent variables as you progress in your research review: assignment 2 - operationalize your independent - operationalize your intervening variable figure 3 objectives - examine your 3 most important independent variables that you have selected - now state your 2 change objective statements stemming from the casual variables - rank order your objectives : O1, O2, O3 assignment 4 – change targets - examine 3 change objectives - for each change objective, select appropriate change targets - ie: O1 to provide students assistance T1 students below the poverty line T2 new immigrants T3 disabled Change targets: characteristics - there are 3 types of change targets: 1) individual 2) group 3) organization social change and target - the examine how the change process affects the individual change process - to note those individual
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