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Lecture 4

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SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

WEEK 4 Lec . Midterm M/C cormac - 50 Short answer – theories, application – 4/6 vago nelson 1 Essay – Reuben 1 essay of 2 – vago nelson - Ex. diff b/w civil crim law - Category & application Reuben - “the more laws were under the less free we are...” opening o Parental (family) law, family of origin no control over, location status affect who you are o Death, rites of passage, birth, prenup/marriage, voting, drinking (even that its legalized) o Consumer laws, schooling, ownership/property rights, wages - “an astounding 1/3 of all...” o Law not colourblind - “rising above the law – not the law itself – released me from my own prison sentence” - EX. were all in a prison – agree/disagree - Aboriginal o Starlight Tours, Highway of Tears (Vancouver Aboriginal women and no one investigated their disappearance) - P.26 “In the end the justice system, like the govt itself” o State work to interests of status quo o Marxist approach - P.27 “Newspapers and reality TV programs present us...” o Focus on black crime o Tough on crime belief for youth - P. 43-44 “Family is our first line of conditioning..” o Family is an anchor, keeps us in same position (doesn’t have to but can) - P.55 “Mafia, police, schools, prisons...” - P. 56 “Violence only begets more violence....” - P.57 “ We are all born free but immediately...” - P.57 “The only escape from the physical...” - P.88 “Dostoyevsky once said..” - P.91 “Prison i
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