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SOC 3710
Scott Brandon

Lecture 1 07/09/2012 11:40:00 1. Three cases:  Reena Virk case (1997) o Argument at a party o Peers killed her o Extreme form of youth offending o Peers themselves can be the offenders. Start looking at peers and not random people  Columbine high school shootings (1999) o Extreme in terms of violence youth can get up to o Crimes in public places. Now people think of shit happening in public places instead of private  Stefanie Rengel murder case (2008) o Parents were cops o Even though you street-proof your kid they are still at risk o Ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend killed her 2. Importance of media reports  Some headline examples: o Bad girls. Parent’s nightmare. Missing the danger signs. o Youth-gang violence on ride: Toronto schools, police urge community to act.  Media tends to focus on extreme youth crime because it is exotic  Youth are portrayed negatively in the media 3. Why are youth vilified?  Perceptions may be more significant o Generational component. Older people cant relate to norms of youth  Based on some misconceptions o Myths associated with young people o Look at young people as being prone to deviance  Other factors o Young people have more free time o Less financial constraints 4. Youth and “Moral Panics”  Stanley Cohen o Panics in terms of raising your child (helicopter parenting) o Developed term called “moral panics”  Based on fear in society.  Fear mentality  o How do we look at the ideas of groups and individuals….mods and rockers  Mods and Rockers study o Mods vs rockers. o Rebellious. Their music was different then the norm o 2 opposing subcultures in England o Pinpoints the problems associated with youth in society  Young people in general have to much time and too much money on their hands.  No military service in Britain at that time. Stick them in the military and shake them up.  Creation of a “folk devil” o Scapegoat for all of societies problems  Role of the media o Media used them as an example of the potential that youth at that time could become o  Other sources: style, music, drug use o Young people get involved in recreational drug use o Satanic messages when playing led zeppelin backwards. o Spice girls and their messages to young girls preaching girl power, etc…. 5. what role do the media play?  Claims-making o Describe and discuss an alleged problem out there  Youth gangs at jane and finch? o Claims using the expert opinion. Perpetuating half-truths on to the public.  Selective reporting o Reporting on sensationalistic cases  Focus on young people. Rare to see a positive story in the news paper about young people  Misrepresentation of youth o Youth are out of control…etc. o Extreme cases are focused on  Stereotypes are created o Not only youth criminals …all youth are stigmatized by these stereotypes
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