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University of Guelph
SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

thJan 17 Measuring and Counting Youth CrimeOfficial Statistics Uniform Crime Reporting System oEarly 1960s oPrior to that youth crime was counted in Canada but not systemically across the provinces and the two territories on an nationalbasis only oData represents information that the police sent to Ottawa on a monthly basis and then calculated annually oPublications are available the following year July oAble to track youth crime overtime see if rates reported by the police have changed over the years oLess than 10 years 2011 2012 only doesnt yield meaningful trends oCan compare youth crime rates across provinces regional variations and break it down to smaller geographical areas ie CMA oAll police must report crime that has come to their attention a legal requirement oAble to compare youth crime between different countries oEasily accessible oLimitations Depends on the crime your looking at ie homicide and vehicle theft data are fairly accurate minor theft minor assaults drug usea lot of this activity is concealed not reported Thus what doesnt come to the attention of the police will not be reportedRate for homicide in Canada 1980 2010 oYouth between 12 and 17 oHomicide rates have remained relatively consistent for females but have gone up for malestrend however if you only looked at the years 20092010 it would reveal that the homicide rate among males has declined 1824 years olds are more likely to be accused and victims in homicides oHomicide in Canada is not a huge problem for young offenders 1217 years olds you are more likely to be a victim of homicide Youth Crime Severity Index oPrior to this was the Violent Crime Rate
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