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courts and society

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SOC 3730
Sarah Ciotti

January 182012 Courts and Society The Child Welfare System in CanadaIt takes a village to raise a childOverview o Child Protection agencies are mandated by the Government of Ontario to enforce the Child and Family Services Act CFSA o The CFSA is the key piece of legislature that addresses the safety and wellbeing of children in Ontario o All provincial governments in Canada are responsible for overseeing the CFSA in their territoryo Child Protection workers evaluate danger in the lives of children they work with through the use of the Eligibility SpectrumThe more severe a risk to the child the more intrusive the worker must be with the family o The results of an investigation is a family Safety Plan which could include anything from an agreement for individuals to attend counselling to having the children removed from the home Historyo 1873 The Ontario SPCA is formed in order to prevent cruelty against animals o 1888 Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children o 1912 Ontario Association of Childrens Aid Societies adapts province wide standards of care o 1984 The CFSA is introducedChild Protection Worko When an allegation is received by a Child Protection Agency a response time is assigned either within seven days or within 12 hours depending on the severity of the allegation and a worker is assigned to the file o A worker will then begin an investigation o Professionals Teachers Counsellors Doctors etc are bound by law to report any child protection concerns to a Child Protection Agency o Members of the public can choose to remain anonymous if they wish however it is not possible to conceal their identity based on the information they provide The investigationo Workers are responsible for interviewing all children and parents separately and privately o Interviews generally take place in the home but can also occur at the childrens school or elsewhere in the community o Depending on the severity of the allegation workers may not notify the family in advance of the investigation o For allegations of physical or sexual abuse the police and CAS will conduct a joint investigation
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