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Page 1of 6 September 30/2013 SOC*3740*01 Corrections & Penology Prison Management Assignment # 1 Overview o Start by reading all of the case file o Chose one of the 2 questions you answered on the first assignment o Critical reflection  Why you still believe what you argued on the first day of class or why you thought you were wrong  You need to back up your opinion - why is your opinion the same or different?  Not based on your opinion, based on evidence found in research to support your argument  Use the particular case you chose - think about their life before, their life in custody  Integrate the case you chose as an example of an offender Administration of Corrections in Canada It is a shared responsibility of both custodial and noncustodial sentences. o Territorial o Provincial: responsible for those in remand custody (awaiting trial)  There is a huge population of people on remand in our custodies  Deal with people who receive bail  Exclusive responsibility for people on probation and young offenders  Responsible for those who receive less than 2 years o Federal  Responsible for those who are going to serve more than 2 years in custody  Supervision of people who have been conditionally released on parole or statutory release Legislative Framework o Important to remember that prison management (wardens etc.) must act and make decisions according to law and policy o Federal level: CCRA - corrections and conditional release act  Enacted in 1992  Primary legislation under which the federal system of corrections operates  It lays out the purpose and principles that are supposed to guide the CSC  Established the office of the correctional investigator (OCI) which functions to study and resolve individual complaints such as the Ashley Smith case Page 2of 6 o Provincial level  Ministry of Correctional Services Act  When searches can be conducted in correctional institutions, everything and everyone entering a facility is subject to search but it is relatively lax at the provincial level  Superintendents can authorize inmates to leave the institution if it is a program they are participating in in custody that is of use to them ie. employment training  Public Service Ontario Act  Occupational Health and Safety Act  Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act o Legislation is long, very technical, constantly changing, and difficult to understand without a legal background Mission Statements o Seen both at the federal and provincial levels to set objectives o They all share a common aim and purpose:  Contributing to public protection o Example: CSC statement - "... contributes to the protection of society by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law abiding citizens, while exercising reasonable, safe, secure, and humane control" o The idea is to create a strategic plan and provide a basis for correctional services to be held accountable o Used to explain to people outside of corrections what the roles, activities and future directions are o Informs people within CSC and outside o CSC: Core values  Respect the dignity of individuals, the rights of all members of society, and the potential for human growth and development  Respect the dignity of individuals, the rights of all members of society, and the potential for human growth and development  Recognize that the offender has the potential to live as a law-abiding citizen  Believe that our strength and our major resource in achieving our objectives is our staff and that human relationships are the cornerstone of our endeavour  Believe that the sharing of ideas, knowledge, values and experience, nationally and internationally, is essential to the achievement of our Mission  Believe in managing the Service with openness and integrity and we are accountable to the Solicitor General Discussion question: should we have prison tours? Are they useful? Were you convinced with what Piche and Walby discussed in their article? Daily Practice Page 3of 6 If this regime is just, fairly administered, caring and humane, it is possible that its recipients will learn some of the lessons of citizenship…However, if, as is more usual, the prison regime belies its good intentions, and in the name of administrative convenience allows injustice, or arbitrariness, or indifference, or brutality, then it is likely to inspire nothing but resentment and opposition… (David Garland) What Happens when Management goes Wrong? Prison Riots o P4W (1994)  Prison for women in Kingston  6 inmates used violence against several correctional officers  Were placed in segregation and charged  Resulted in a high level of tension in the institution compounded with overworked, stressed, inexperienced correctional officers  There was also a lack of leadership at the time  2 days after the initial incident, 3 other inmates in the seg unit took a hostage, one attempted suicide  The warden saw that things were escalating and called in the institutional emergency response team  All male riot response squad  Searched every inmate and their cells without the presence of any female officers  The excessive force of the squad left many of the inmates traumatized o Headingly (1996)  Manitoba institution  Began with an improper cell search in a prison block with 2 rival aboriginal gangs  One of the inmates seized the keys of one of the officers and beat the officers on a "24 hour rampage"  Caused 3.5$ in damage to the institution  Injuries to staff and inmates - caused a huge amount of stress to the staff  At the time, there was a lot of distrust between the front line workers and the administration o Stony Mountain (2009)  Winnipeg institution  Rival gangs clashed over control  Tension among the gangs had been develo
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