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WEEK 1 Lec 2 Thurs Jan 10 --Theories.docx

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 1 Lec 2 Thurs Jan 10th. Theories Marx - Class analysis o Saw structure of society, macro level, based on class - Class structure (police) o Working class (proletariat) o Ruling class (bourgeoisie) o Technically police part of the working class, labour sold to the state, no access to capital, don't make decisions regarding laws or capital BUT are working for the ruling class so are intended to protect the ruling class (to defend them) and defend the interest of the ruling class  If police function was stopping crime, would have more focus on white collar crime  Most police work street level crime usually related to the working class  Maintain & protect capitalist property and property relations Functionalism Consensus - Analogy o Consensus perspective: have consensus about how we should function and roles we should hold to continue advancing society o Society works like a machine, each part has a purpose/role - Structure: o How the parts fit together to make the whole and provide stability o Roles played by diff ppl in the structure and how your role contributes to the social order - Function o Manifest: intended/see, police to make sure law followed o Latent: unexpected/unintended but still a result of what happened, provides jobs o Positive/Negative: + (functional) , - (dysfunctional) Durkheim - Laws: o agreement b/w members of a society that certain behaviour should be against the law o laws should reflect the values of the ppl o consensus glue keeping society functioning o via solidarity have a social order - Mechanical Solidarity: primitive, small knit communities, dependence on one another - Organic solidarity: keeps society together in more modern/complex societies, higher popn, mutual dependence on others, a lot of ppl providing - State: front line of crime/justice, then courts and corrections Disc - Is goal of police be to protect: WEEK 1 Lec 2 Thurs Jan 10th. Weber Legitimacy - Legal authority (legal domination) A) Appointment: chosen to take the role B) Procedures: followed by all C) Rule of law: upheld in court if officer does not follow D) Justice: legitimate way, make sure not innocent Validity 1) Rationality and Values 2) Consistency 3) Authority subject 4) Obey authority Feminism Liberal - Goal: equality, liberty, justice among all - Neutrality: applied to all, neutral - Areas of change: sexual assault, domestic Assault - Sexual assault o Neutral o Spouses: can be charged w sexual assault - Court: introduced rape shield provision (can’t ask about prior sexual history unless related to the accused) 1983 - Domestic violence: required to make an arrest if believe violence involved 1980s Symbolic Interactionism - Microlevel approach (diff from the other 4 which are ma
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