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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 10 Lec 18 March 21 . Citizens on Patrol (COP) - Partnership w certain citizens o Volunteer program o Patrol & report to an officer assigned to them - More proactive (than neighbourhood watch) o Actually moving around o Some training or workshop - Deterrence o Acts as deterrent if know they’re there or just ppl around - Education - Winnipeg (COPP) o Higher crime rates & public disorder, aboriginal tensions o Citizens On Patrol Program o Educate others CP: Police Sub-stations - Micro police dept o Small space in urban centre, mini station for police o 1970s trying to be accessible to ppl - Strategy o Usually urban centres, lately more rural - Decentralization o Via visibility - Theory o Integrate law officers into public, visible = better community relations - Problem o Ppl come to complain about not law or criminal related problems so not as effective Broken Window Policing - Wilson & Kelling (1982) - If not repaired will bring in more ppl to break o Small amount of disorder leads to more disorder - Social disorder o Disorder breeds further disorder o No one cares so doesn’t matter what do there - Physical disorder o Clean up As CP - Seen as 0 tolerance, which isn’t really working w public - Contact o Requires contact w police & citizens 1 WEEK 10 Lec 18 March 21 . o Usually nuisance behaviour - Walk the streets - Solicitation & problem solving o Of info, who / what doing, why are buildings not fixed etc. - New York o Push undesirables out of the way out of DT o Zero tolerance o Prove quality of life good o Other cities took up too - Safe Streets Act (Toronto) o 2001, broken windows policing claim Issues - Skogan (1990) o Yes should focus on low level social disorder o And if do will decrease crime in other areas - Harcourt (1998) o Not true o Used same data but diff result o Focusing on ppl w no power to fight this (conflict theory), move them out of way for those w power o Focus on disorders or nuisance behaviour but not actually things that are crimes o Broken windows policing doesn’t work b/c crime was just declining everywhere even where broken windows not used - Basic idea - Crime rates o Don't eliminate crime, just displace it o Policing gets more aggressive and b/c allowed to did o Broken windows understood diff than community itself Community Understanding - Community o Can be understood diff - Example: Ethnography LA (Muniz) o Meetings: defined  Community learns about and uses the language to their benefit o Police response o Vigilante actions o Disorder Problem Oriented Policing (POP) - Philosophy VS tactic o Customize response to certain problems - Scientific approach used to assess problems 2 WEEK 10 Lec 1
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