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WEEK 11 Lec 19 Tues March 26 -- Special Groups.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK Lec . Special Populations Racial Profiling - Define: members of racial / ethnic group subject to more crim justice or institution surveillance than others based on race/ethnicity - Examples o Stopped and searched more often o Undercover surveillance - Consequences o Overrepresentation of minorities in crim justice system Urban Policing - African American (males) o Surveillance & stops  Black males more likely to be stopped and searched than other ppl o Force  More likely used on blacks or aboriginals o Police protections (underpolicing)  Less for black males o Police attitudes  Negative to black males, believe crime normative for them - Females o Offences  More minor offences than men o Victims  Less likely than black males and white females  Often ignored o Detention  Likely punitive treatment than white females  Targeted in drug war o Sexual misconduct Brunson & Miller (2006) – young ppl - Perceptions of police (75: 35F, 40M) - Methods (study) - Self-report o Less than 1/3 serious delinquency (theft more 50$, grand theft auto, sell drugs, robbery) - Gender similarities o Politeness – were treated impolitely, police hard to talk to o Harassment – all reported being harassed or know someone who was harassed Minority Male Youth - Pedestrian & vehicle stops 1 WEEK Lec . - Female presence o Decreased aggression - Involuntary contact o Searches – more likely o Invasive - Perceived as suspects o Criminal evidence o No evidence - Violence Minority Female Youth - Stopped more for status offences – something considered crime b/c teen but if did as adult not crime - Victimization o Weren’t responded to o Vs males – less for males, only females said police never showed to a crime, males sometimes showed late - As
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