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Theatre Studies
THST 1200
Linda Hunter

PRINCIPLES OF PERCEPTION 1All perception and all experience is a transactionThe nature of a transaction is such that the two parties involved two people or a person and an object are both shaped by their relationship with each otherNeither party is ever passive or simply acted on by the otherReality is knowable only through our transactions with itOur habitual use of language tends to obscure the transactional nature of experience 2For the most part we do not get our perceptions from the things out thereOur perceptions come from within usWe see things not as they are but as we are 3We are not born perceivingWe learn to perceive and not to perceive 4What we perceive is always a function of the structure of our nervous systemsThe structure of the organism limits what we can perceive 5What we perceive is also a function of the extensions of our nervous systemsthe instruments through which we look at realityOur instruments not only structure what we see but inevitably alter it 6What we perceive is always a function of our past experience 7Out of our past experience we build up an assumptive worlda set of more or less unconscious beliefs about the way things areand all experience is then filtered through these assumptions 8While the specific content of ones assumptive world is always unique since no two people ever have exactly the same experiences
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