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Women's Studies
WMST 1000
Andrew Robinson

Wmst*1000 Week 8 Mon. Oct. 29/12 What is Poverty? Objective Measures  Quantitative  Level of Income  Family Size  Location  Basic Needs: food, clothing and shelter  LICO, LIM  In Canada, there is no official measurement of poverty Subjective Measures  Social Exclusion  Stress of Insecurity  The Ability to Make Personal Choices  Qualitative Research  Deprivation Index Poverty in Canada  4.8 million people in Canada, including 1.3 million children, living in poverty in 1999 with their numbers continuing to grow (National Council of Welfare, 2002)  Use of Food Banks almost doubled during the 1990’s Women and Poverty  Women - Single Mothers - Women over 65  Aboriginal people and recent immigrants also at increased risk (Wilkinson et al)  Lower income  Less employment benefits (dental, vision, pension, etc.)  Less wealth and business assets  because of this more credit cards and consumer debt  Less Power in Home/Family (Chang, 2010)  Women live longer  “Time Poverty” (Gammage, 2010) Poverty in Guelph and Wellington  The Community Researcher Project (2010) - Transportation - Recreation - Clothing and basic needs - Legal issues - Income - Housing - Health care/mental health - Food - Staff and Volunteers - Information and Communication - Community Interaction and Support  The Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination 
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