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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 2000
Martina Meyer

WMST - January 8th - Lecture 1▯ ▯ ▯ ▯n the road to equality --> Joss Whedan - Equality Now▯ ^why are we still living with stereotypes? it’s still powerful and becoming hidden in the mainstream. “We don’t question it”▯ ▯ Buffy the vampire slayer▯ ▯ - Twilight ▯(silent vampire movie) 20s ▯ Women are stereotypical victims▯ ‘Hero protects the damsel in distress’▯ ‘She’s nothing without him... No life without this relationship’▯ Vampire culture - girls- no access to themselves▯ ▯the notion that women are directed by their hormones, not their intellect”▯ Black Widow - sex equals death to the partner▯ - ‘lust but you can’t love’▯ - one dimensional character ▯ ▯ Buffy had many types of experiences and dimensions▯ ▯ Katniss - isolation, no strong women for relationships and discussions.▯ ▯ Winning formula --> two boys and a girl (Hermione, Ron, Harry)▯ ▯ Feminism and the subversion of identity ▯utler ▯ ^ --> your behaviour creates your gender▯ ▯ Butler famously theorizes that gender, along with sex and sexuality is performative.▯ The performance of gender, sex, and sexuality, however, is not a voluntary choice for Butler, who locates the construction of the gendered, sexed, desiring subject within what ▯he calls: socially prescribed behaviours re-enacted from one generation to the next. ▯ It is a learned behaviour. “Take inception to the notion that there is difference between male and female brains”. Culturally policed - Judith. --> good belief. ▯ ▯ ▯ Performativity and Mad Men▯ Men - position of power▯nd women billboards~▯ Women - stereotype that is constantly being enforced▯ Antiquity - The legacy of the stereotype ▯ ▯ Venus of Willendorf - Roundness was desirable (harsh conditions thus was not seen as often) - successful reproduction and fertility ▯ ▯ Neuroscience and Imagery▯ life. Peak shift ▯neurological response to the physical environment and conditions of ▯ Women already filled an idea - reproduction and gender identity ▯ ▯ ▯ Egyptian Canon▯ ▯ First to use humans and bodies in their art. Got rid of exaggeration. Streamlined. ▯veryone fit into a grid pattern. ▯ Conceptual and Schematic “Parity”▯ - images belong to a larger plan.▯ - concerned with cataloging parts (one head, two arms, two legs) and that was more important than the actual appearance of the body. ▯ - “Devine gift that would be spoiled with any deviation of the norm”▯ - “Intrenching ideas of gender”▯ -land, do business, take part in legal cases with a status equal to men. Equal partners in marriage and were allowed to ask for a divorce. ▯ - There was an equality. ▯ - Woman are subordinate to men (in art). They are much smaller (scale differences)▯ ▯ Narmer Palette, 3200 BCE▯ - King (most powerful man shown at a greater scale compared to other figures)▯ ▯ ▯ Ancient Greece:▯ The Geometric Period and Beyond [Masculine and Feminine: Reinforcing the Stereotypes]▯ ▯ The Mourner***▯ - archaic vase and classical vase▯ -preparing the corpse for burial). ▯urner (over dead bodies, men talking. Women - Classical - two women and ‘stele’. Object of women to remember the dead and leave offerings (oil, wine), leave ribbons, they are tying a wreath on it, etc. Jobs of women.▯ - The art reinforces that cultural level▯ ▯ Domestic Paragon▯ - Women raising children▯ - Women producing fabric▯ - Girls spent time in women’s quarter of the house (house was divided based on sex)▯ ▯ Parthenon, temple of Athena, Athens, 450 BCE▯ - Relief Sculpture --> ‘Kore’ (means girl). Girls being presen
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