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Lecture 30

ANTH 1220 Lecture 30: Lecture 30

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

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lc78 Capital goods: items produced not for consumption but for the production of other goods o Ex: factories that produce machines, that produce other goods o Ex: raw rubber Social capital: bonds of reliable friendship, support, and obligations acquired within a community o Ex: friendships, alliances, gift giving (bond and obligation) Distributing and Exchanging Products and Services: Types of reciprocity: Generalized dont keep track (I give you something, you give me something friends) Balanced more formal (specific values) opposite of generalized (what I gave you, I want back the same) Negative one of the people makes a profit Ex: when we buy something Barter trade Example of balanced reciprocity: Trobriand Islands (South Pacific) Kula two step process Step 1: Men travel in circular patterns, island to island, stop along the way Give their hosts a shell necklace or armband (depending which direction their traveling clockwise or counter clockwise) Kula builds bonds, alliances, and friendship, although the shells have no value Ritual exchange of the objects Step 2:
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