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Lecture 37

ANTH 1220 Lecture 37: Lecture 37

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

Oc78 o Both matrilineal and patrilineal descent Different kinds of property inherited along each line Ambilineal descent Either matrilineal or patrilineal descent o Individuals may choose to affiliate with either group (at a certain age) Patterns of Change: Kinship systems may change in response to internal and external forces David Schneider: Wrote a book called American Kinship Part of the Kinship Project (kinship in the UK and North American) Worked in inner city Chicago Enduring diffuse solidarity o Nothing about blood or law o Fictive kin people you consider in your family, but are not o Socialcultural considerations are much more important than blood or law Kath Weston: 20 years after Schneider (1991) Wrote book called Family We Choose Worked in San Francisco at time of AIDS crisis Made de facto families went against the traditional family Surrogacy:
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