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PSYC 1200
Debra Lall

PSYC1200 03 05 2014 *Witch Trial* Salem Witches & Ergot • late 16th century -abnormal behaviour was attributed to evil entities or witchcraft • Salem Witch Trials • hallucinations, temporary blindness, strange speech & posture • execution of 38 people • might have been Ergot poisoning Deciding What is Abnormal • The Diagnostic & Statistical • Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (or DSM-IV) • DSM-IV-TR classifies abnormal behaviour using 7 criterions: 1) Distress or Disability: if a person experience disabilitating function, physical or psychological 2) Maladaptiveness: behaving in a way that is getting away of my goal, interfering w/ other's goals? 3) Irrationality: acting in a way others understand 4) Unpredictability: behaving in a way no expected from the norm 5) Unconventionally & Statistical Rarity: is the individual violating norm of social acceptable behaviour 6) Observer Discomfort: is my behaviour making others uncomfortable? 7) Violation of Moral & Ideal Standards: the person is violating expectations
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