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Lecture 6

AGRC 112 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Rib Eye Steak, Iso 9000Premium

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AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

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Meat inspection
-Screening of animals and meat based on wholesomeness - freedom from disease, hygienic
-Inspection of the live animal and postmortem inspection of viscera carcass and various
-Random testing for residues and microbial contamination
Meat grading
-Grading are mostly done on carcass not meat cuts
-Grading is the placing of different values on carcass for the purpose of pricing, depending on
the market and requirement of traders
-The purpose is to classify carcasses according to certain standards that describe the carcass
in economic terms
Purpose of grading
-To improve production effectiveness
-To define common carcass quality objectives across industry sector
Beef grading in Canada
-Beef grading has two parts
-Quality grade
-Yield grade
-A ruler is used to measure the fat depth and ribeye length and width. These measures of fat
and lean are then used to predict an overall carcass lean yield
Beef grading in Canada
-Canada prime the highest marbling quality carcass are given the Canada prime grade.
Canada prime grade represents carcass with at least slightly abundant marbling
-B grades are for youthful carcasses that fail to meet one or more of the quality requirement of
the A grade
-Carcasses graded as B4 are called dark cutters
-D grades are applies to carcasses which are not youthful They are typically given to
carcasses from cows
-E grades is reserved for mature bulls or youthful bull carcasses showing pronounced
Canadian pork grading system
-Canadian pork grading system rewards producers for rearing leaner hogs at a consistent size
-Pork carcasses with the highest lean yield and a particular wight range receive the highest
index and will command the highest price
-As the needle is withdrawn from the probe site, it measures meat thickness and fat levels
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