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Lecture 15

AGRC 112 Lecture 15: Ag 113 lecture 15

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AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Lecture 15 Antibiotic use by sector in animals - Dairy - Only for therapeutic use only - Sub - therapeutic ionophores to improve efficiency of rumen fermentation - There are 3 different safety check to make sure there is no antibiotics in milk - Beef - Cow - calf - Therapeutic only - Enteric / respiratory infections in calves - Feedlot - Prophylactic / metaphylactic and therapeutic control of respiratory infection - Sub- therapeutic ionophores ( not medically important ) to improve efficiency of rumen fermentation - Swine - Common prophylactic use in nursery phase - 10% use antibiotic growth promotion in grow/ finish - Therapeutic treatment of enteric/ respiratory infection - Poultry - Broiler ( meat ) - Antibiotic growth promotion commonly used - Coccidiostats used to control coccidiosis - Metaphylactic use to control identified enteric/ respiratory infections - Layer ( eggs ) - Not used - Eggs cant be marketed - With in ova vaccination - They are even vaccinating embryos before they are even hatched Why sub therapeutic antibiotics - 3-5% performance benefit - Lower mortality - Protect against major infectious outbreak What is antibiotic resistance - massive population of bacteria which are not resistant to antibiotics, when you feed it to the animal it kills off the most of the antibiotics but the ones that do not die will reconfigure the DNA will adapt and before resistant. The microbes become resistant to the antibiotics and multiply. - The a
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