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Lecture 1

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Love and Marriage
Eve (Dorothy Livesay)
Motel could imply “illicit sexual adventures”
Identifies with the lone tree because she feels like one of the only older generation
feminists that has already gone out into the world
Apple has a connotation from the Garden of Eden; the forbidden fruit, wanting
what you cant have, temptation
Suggesting that even later on in life there is some “juice”; some potential
Who is Adam?
This apple, maybe representing a relationship with an Adam, makes her feel alive
again like in her youth
The Unquiet Bed (Dorothy Livesay)
She is complaining, pointing out the mistake the other person is making and hopes
to correct it
A man is looking at her simply for her body
She wants him to know that there is more to her than the physical appearance
Bones hold the body together, saying that he only sees the most visible and
superficially evident parts of her
Crockery are the types of dishes you would use everyday, implying that he thinks
she is simple, replaceable, utilitarian; there is more to her, she is also the “china”
Her identity/spirit is invisible but she is saying it is still there and should be
Wrote this poem at age 58, she no longer feels that being valued for her
physicality is enough
Wants to live with no restrictions and nothing holding her back and hates anything
that does
She expected loyalty from the men that would come into her life
Says she wants them to be loyal yet free, contradicting herself
He has the freedom to leave her, hasn’t made a vow or a promise, but loyalty is
still expected and hoped for
She wants it to be their choice to stay loyal to her (IDEALIST)
She is not getting the space that she needs from him, why she says “move over
In the rest of their lives she also feels she is somewhat disregarded and not taking
part in a fair share
She wants them to be equal parts
Could be a feminist take, saying that men and women should be equal, receive the
same share of everything
Variations on the Word “Love” (Margaret Atwood)
Love is commercialized and sold
Love is guaranteed if you can afford all the things you need
You can cook your way into making someone love you

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Comparing human love making to slugs mating
Every weed is a symbol of reproduction
Mountain imagery makes the relationship seem fragile and precarious
One false move and everything falls apart
Love can be a risk
Does not adequately describe everything that comes along with it
Does not make them comfortable in this vast experience
Sonnet 18 (William Shakespeare)
“eye of heaven” is a comparison to the sun
Says that the beauty of a summer day will fade but the beauty of the one he loves
will not
Even on a nearly perfect day there are still weather disturbances
A summers day is nice but this girl is flawless in ways summer cannot be and is
consistently beautiful whereas summer can be unpredictable
Death will not be happy when she goes his way
Death is personified (should be capitalized)
As long as people read this poem her beauty lives on
Sonnet 130 (William Shakespeare)
A poem of negatives
He loves her despite her flaws
She is not perfect but he loves her anyway
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
She is not the typical image of beauty yet he still loves her
oWhite skin, red lips, rosy cheeks, blonde or red hair, beautiful voice,
perfume scent
She does not seem to float along as a goddess does but she is a human being with
feet and legs and walks normally
Doesn't compare to the other women of her time and that is what makes her
To His Coy Mistress (Andrew Marvell)
She is unwilling to do the things he wants her to and he is saying there is not
enough time in the world to wait
Flood is the beginning of measured history, saying he has loved her since before
Conversion of the Jews is said to be the last thing before Christ returns
Flood to the conversion of the Jews would mean that it would include all of
history (hyperbole)
Calls eternity a desert rather than a gift because the desires of his physical self
will be impossible then
Marble vault is like a fancy tomb, gives off the idea that she is important enough
for one of these
Even though she will be buried honorably she will still be without him
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