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English 204 March 5 2012

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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 March 5 2012 1 Hoe cylinder press (c. 1845) Hoe double cylinder press (c. 1847) − 4000 impressions per hour Hoe four-cylinder press (c. 1847) Paper “TheAmerican wasps make a very fine paper . . . they extract the fibre of wood and teach us that one can make paper from fibres of plants without using rags or linen.” rene de reaumur (1683-1757) continuous roll paper making − Nicholas-Louis Robert built first continuous roll paper making machine mechanical typecasting and typesetting − stereotyping matrix 1810 − instead of engraving you are producing a cast of the form − the intermediate artefact between the type forme or engraving and the end product, the stereotype plate − not only could you store them, but if you needed several presses (or processes on the press) needing to run the same plate you could reproduce the plate easily − Linotype introduced in 1884 − it would cast as you typed a line of text − Ottmar Mergenthaler invented it − used until the 1960's − cut back how many people were required to make a document − standardized the letters − you were able to lay out the letters as fast as your fingers could type – incredibly fast method of composition − Linotype the official trailer − mono-type introduced in 1885 − more flexible than Linotype, and particularly suitable for book printing − lithography − invented byAlois Senefelder in Germany in 1798 − you treat a plate or stone so that it attracts oils and rejects water − ``above all, there was the commercial development of colour printing from the 1830`s – for the first time brightly coloured texts and pictures were widely available and cheap`` − first planographic process of printing − versatile; cost effective: by the 1880s the process was widley used for magazine and advertising English 204 March 5 2012
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