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University of Saskatchewan
ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 November 9 2011 Terminology Folio: a leaf of paper, parchment ect. (either loose as one of a series, or in a bound volume). The front and back of the leave were referred t as a (folio) recto and verso. Gathering: a). The arrangement of the loose sheets of a book a proper order b). A certain number of leaves placed inside Quire: a set of four sheets of parchment or paper folded in two so as to form eight leaves; any gathering or set of sheets forming part of a complete manuscript or printer book, esp. a gathering formed of one sheet folded tree times, as to form eight leaves. Also: a set of twenty-four or twenty-five sheets of paper; one twentieth of a ream. th - Late 14 century costs parchment: 3 – 6 D per quire writing 16 d. per quire - How affordable it would be to the average Geoffery Chaucer ca. 1343 – Oct 25 1400  Member of King Edward
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