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ENG 204
Alison Muri

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English 204 1 October 19th 2011 Grendel Returning “Home” • Power structure o His mother is in control • Bilingual o He understands and can speak both English and his language which presents him as being intelligent • “Motivation” (or Justification) o “They have slayed so many of our own kind” • Sympathetic o “They harmed my ears” o King abandoned him  Grendel lives in a dark, gloomy cave  King lives in a castle with wealth and gold • In the oral we wouldn’t see inside their heads • Mother – son relationships • King o Actively seeking help, and paying for it, in the movie o Movie: “We need a hero” – ironic comment  Hero: Beowulf – he has some serious failings o Oral: doesn’t actively seek for help, has faith  In the manuscript – you would get prestige, be known forever, duty, honor • M
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