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University of Saskatchewan
HIST 260
Selena Crosson

HIST 260 2011-01-13 WOMEN GET THE VOTE - It was widely believed that the country would go to ruin if women got the vote, leading to divorces, etc. - By 1955, most of those fears had evaporated, and women voting became pretty normal. - Women were able to vote prior to Confederation. o Only if they owned property. o Confederation removed that right. - Immigrants are seen to be a source of problems. o Also seen as a source for loss of jobs and resources. o Immigrants are typically legislated against.  Not encouraged to set up communities in Canada. o After WWI, troops came home with many STDs.  Antibiotics weren’t widespread in this time.  Major problem for babies and families. o Birth control is seen as a form of race suicide. - In the 1990s, there was early action against feminists. o Since that time, things have levelled out. o This has tainted our memories. - First wave of feminism o Really started in the 1850s o Coalition of reformers supported broad reforms—women/children  Nellie McClung  Staged play of women as legislators allowing men to vote.  Rodmond Roblin was premier of Manitoba at the time. o Women pretty much accepted that they were inherently different. o Equity is more of equivalency  Equality feminism emphasizes women’s equality with men and wants the same treatment, privileges and responsibilities.  Equity doesn’t really come around until the 70s or 80s - WWI acts as a catalyst o Maternal ideology: women’s/mother’s sacrifice honoured o Women sacrifice their time, energy and are tremendously important  Gives them a claim of citizenship o Eventually, women get to vote, as long as they are wives of men serving in the
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