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Lecture 21

INDG 265.3 Lecture 21: INDG 265.3 Notes from 03.15.16

Indigenous Studies
Course Code
INDG 265
Beatty Bonita

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INDG 265.3
March 15, 2016
Topic: Presentations on North Related development projects.
Presentation 1:
-5 bands of Dene people in Northwest Territories.
-"Copper woman story"
-Economic mining began in 1930's in Northwest Territories.
-Metis make up majority in the Northwest Territories.
-Issue is that companies are not employing a lot of FN residents, but rather non-FN people from
southern areas. Therefore, Ab people are not able to play a role in decision making/caring for
-Younger generation are worried more about conserving cutlure, but also sustaining themselves
financially and economic development.
Presentation 2:
-Internet use in the north is very limited.
-Current development is to bring fibre-optic high speed internet to these Northern communities.
-Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation. Not-for-profit organization that is run by
-Lack of information to further education.
Presentation 3:
-Diamond mine. Began in 1999.
-Negotiate agreements with FN people of region to improve socioeconomic conditions.
-Mine has over 700 ppl in employed with 60% FN people from region.
-Representatives from each band are involved in decision making. Not just one or two!
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