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University of Saskatchewan
PHIL 224
George Williamson

Phil 224 September 7 2012 1 Homework: 1. get the textbook 2. read chapter one 3. go look on blackboard and explore 4. go to discussion board and familiarize yourself with the controls and post a quick hi Office: Arts 258.6 email is the easiest way to get a hold of the professor [email protected] − about 2000 years ago almost everything was considered philosophy; physics, bio, geology ... ect − 19 /20 cent social sciences and science split off − philosophy: how do you justified any form of justification − interests: − general questions − justifications − whats the right thing to do; love, friendship .. .ect − are we looking at a special moral problem that has to do with sexuality: − there has been a history of anxiety in Western culture − pessimist: we have to be careful − optimist: its nonsense, superstition, we just have to worry about treating each other well ** Try and be as sensitive as possible, you never know what others have gone through ** There will be a participation grade in the class: The discussion board on black board counts as participation. Williamson plans on using Black Board a lot, he will post at least once a week if not more. Possibility about a journal, where each student will write a paragraph about a particular idea or theory. − pass, kinda pas
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