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For Rousseau, the state is nothing but exercise for the general will.

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 237
Neil Hibbert

POLS 237 2011-02-18 For Rousseau, the state is nothing but exercise for the general will. - The will of all. - Once these private wills have cancelled themselves out, what remains is the lack of interest, or general will. - It is utterly on the basis of common interest - When sovereignty is directed towards particular interest, this is beyond legitimate political authority o The general will is always right and it will always tend towards the public good and public equality - The role of political deliberation is key o Different from competitive democracy in Canada o We come to the system with our private interests, and we try to use politics to advance those interests. o Rousseau wants to get towards a common good  Perhaps we are reluctant to talk about the common good o The general will is discovered through the deliberation of citizens o We, together, try to discover what the common good is. - Deliberation can be corrupted o Will work away from the general good once private interests are discussed o The will of each these associations o The sovereign can only act the when the populous is assembled - The health of a society will be exhibited through the agreement of the will of the majority - If we see a disagreement, the health of the state loses o More disagreement = the weaker the state is - The general will always be right, and always be there - We tend to think representation saved democracy from political scales - The general will undermines representation - S
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