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Political Studies
POLS 237
Neil Hibbert

POLS 237 2011-03-11 Liberty (Mill) - Opinions can blur into actions - Harm’s principle o The more crucial thing is something that attracts interest o With this idea/principle, the same principle will regulate both - Mill says happiness for the individual is best promoted when we are left free to choose and/or screw up - Education system o Assimilation is still proceeding o All political changes of the age are promoted  Tend to raise the low and lower the high?  Representing levelling down?  Classic criticism of egalitarianism  Extension of education o Universities  Because education brings people under common influence, it brings them to a general stock of knowledge  Promoted by development of communication technologies  Means of communication promoted  Keep up a rapid flow of changes  Another cause of this levelling down, or equalizing, and the rise of mediocrity and mass rule, is economic development  The most powerful cause of diversity is politics itself and democratic forms of majority rule, which turns into mass rule at some point  Even all of these - Mil
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