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Political Studies
POLS 251
David York

Pols 251 March 20 1 Network Identity: what is it? What allows ti to be created? - an identity that is recognized through a network, suchs as the internet or an enterprise Not just any network? It is essential to appreciate the kind of network from which this identity has spawned (or been manufactured). These networks are physical but also virtual, interactive and, as a result, have the potential to be very dynamic. Webbased forms of alliance building are new forms of communications 1. real time information, scrutiny 2. verification 3. counter-posting the use of Zapatista's digital communication has placed them part from social movement of the past: accelerating and extending communications and undercutting the power of traditional media − more so in earlier stages − the networks (traditional) use social movements a well now These wired sub-cultures encourage members to redefine and represent themselves, stimulating participants to experiment with identiy construction (Russel 561) network identities, like network cause such as anti-globaization, are diverse, evolving, and decentralized. (Russel 561) Castells: -decentered identities develop in respone to power, to the loss of control people feel in the world increasingly shaped by transnational corporations, organizations and institutions. The new media provides space that can be described as “decentered, free floating, and anarachic” three myths have “bee
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