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University of Saskatchewan
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POLS 303
Joe Garcea

Constitutional Division of Powers: Criminal Law and Transportation Law November-06-12 1:00 PM Unlike all other areas of law, criminal law seems to be the one we identify with the feds. S. 92 (27)  Criminal law is federal jurisdiction in Canada.  Gives almost universal control over criminal law to feds.  There is still a provincial role in criminal justice.  Enforcement of criminal code.  Provinces have the power to make decisions over investigations, charges and prosecution of offences. S. 92 (14) gives provinces powers over the “administration of justice.” Areas of overlap!  Establishment of courts of criminal jurisdiction is included in provincial power by 92(14).  The creation of criminal courts is actually excluded from 91(27).  Criminal trials largely take place in provincial courts.  S. 92 (6) gives the provinces power over prisons as well, which hold offenders sentenced to less than two years. Defining criminal law  Federal government’s power over criminal law has proven difficult to define.  Searching for balance:  Margarine Reference (1951), where the law in question prohibited the manufacturing, importation and sale of margarine.  JCPC (still hearing appeals in process before abolition in 1949) adopts the reasoning.  Rand’s reasoning hints at a third layer of criminal interpretation:  Not as restrictive as Haldane or as broad as Aken Federal criminal power?  National standards over food and drug?  The court upheld the Labatt’s argument that criminal power should not be used to impose the standards in the creation of beer.  National standards and tobacco:
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