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Streams within American Ideology

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Political Studies
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POLS 368
Martin Gaal

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January 24 2013January24131132 AMGeorge McGovernDick CheneyMichele BachmannIrving KristolJerry FalwellDean AchesonNikita KhrushchevZhdamovBaruch PlanMcCarthyCastroMao ZedongHilsmanMaloneDobryninStreams within American ideologyThe 4th to discuss is neoisolationismFairly shortlivedThis kind of isolationism came out of opposition to the war in VietnamIt was born around them by a lot of people who thought the US should mind its own businessHow this differs from realismRealists favour maximizing powerNeoisolationists dont want to play the power gameTheyre not prepared to see the US weak and defenceless in the face of the rest of the worldFor the US to meddle in Africa and Latin America far east etc has only stirred up resentment to the US and cost it a lot of money while achieving very little in terms of concrete goalsIts hard to mention who fits exactly into this mouldOneof
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