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Canada and the Bretton Woods, Continued

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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the Bretton Woods January-18-13 9:34 AM Issues with the United States The President of the United States is not powerful enough. - Our biggest foreign policy issue with the U.S. is that the president is now powerful enough. - The U.S. Senate must ratify a treaty with 2/3 of approval… - The president of the United States can promise a lot… but does not have the power. - It's not just Congress that you run into issues with… ○ Courts can throw issues into foreign policy. - Again, our biggest problem is that power is diffused throughout the American system… and the president does not have power. ○ As such, it is difficult to deal with Americans. - People within the government and in Congress were against free trade. ○ The U.S. government had to take this into consideration. - In Canada, there is federalism. ○ In Britain, they have a unitary system. ○ Party unity exists (less in Britain, but more than the United States). - Stephen Clarkson ○ One of our biggest problems when we forget it's more than the relationship between two executives… you'd have to get governors, etc., on board. ○ The agriculture industry in the United States is largely subsidized by the U.S. government. - The attempts to create a free trade blueprint for the world was a partial success, at best. ○ We had to accept American hesitations and protectionism to get them on board. ○ America was a key to this, and not Britain. ○ Again, this only works if the U.S. is on board. - Results of Bretton Woods is creation of two liberal
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