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Powers of the Prime Minister

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

March 11, 2013 March-11-13 9:31 AM The Prime Minister - Powers of the PM - Rise of Court Government and Foreign Policy Formulation - Summit Diplomacy Prime minister - His power flows… not necessarily from the position of prime minister. - His power flows from the simultaneous power of other institutions… that basically result in an elected dictator. - Because of the powers of the PM, their personality and priorities are important determinates in Canadian foreign policy. ○ As a result, the prime minister has a personal stamp on foreign policy. ○ The longer they're prime minister, the stamps grow. ○ Because they can, the prime minister often brings their personal ideology in foreign policy even if they are replacing someone. ○ In contrast with the Americans, you can see the shifts between presidents and see overlap in foreign policy.  One of the reasons: Congress is tougher and the administrative powers are weaker. ○ There is no check on the prime minister, while there is a check on the U.S. president. The prime minister is the head of government and the head of the legislative assembly (Parliament). - Prime minister's power flows from multiple positions. ○ He is the head of Cabinet. ○ The prime minister has unilateral power to determine who he wants to be in his Cabinet. ○ The only time this becomes an exception is maybe because they have a minority government, or the person being removed
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