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POLS 375 Lecture Notes - Canadian International Development Agency, Security Intelligence Review Committee

Political Studies
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

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This department has largely shot up in prominence in the last decade or so.
A lot of foreign policy decisions are set-up through the Department of National
A lot of bureaucrats are very territorial.
The problem is…
Currently, Foreign Affairs has enjoyed a renaissance in political leadership.
National Defence
The civil service
Other Actors in the Formulation of Canadian Foreign Policy
CSIS, which reports to the Minister of Public Safety, is still separate from
Public Safety.
In terms of security, there are bureaucrats for every department and are
separate from each other.
They are all empowered to oversee and review the operations of Canada's
security service, CSIS.
There is another separate institution: Security Intelligence Review Committee.
The government has recently folded CIDA (Canadian International
Development Agency) into Foreign Affairs.
Every government within the last 20 years (except current Conservative
government) has made an attempt to reform foreign policy departments in
terms of formulation.
In Canada, the prime minister can do whatever they want, as long as they
have a majority government.
It works, for the most part.
More often than not, right decisions are made and is recognized by
other countries as being efficient.
The Canadian form of bureaucracy actually works very well, despite the
areas of overlap, etc.
In the U.S., where things are largely decentralized, monkeying around
departments are tough.
The Civil Service
March 27, 2013
9:33 AM
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