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Donna Darbellay

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Psychology 110  1 Approaches to treatment and therapy Chapter 17  Cognitive therapy: form of therapy designed to identify and change irrational, unproductive ways of thinking and hence to reduce negative emotions.  Rational emotive behaviour therapy [REBT]: designed to challenge clients irrational thoughts [overgeneralizations, catastrophizing] Ellis. Other forms include cognitive therapy for depression [beck] and stress inoculation for anxiety [meichenbaum]  Stress inoculation o Meichenbaum developed a form of cognitive therapy to treat excessive anxiety called “stress inoculation” o Involves three stages i. Education phase ii. Rehearsal phase iii. Implementation phase  Procrastination: many procrastinators are perfectionists [if you cannot do it perfectly, then don’t do it at all]. Failure to accept limitations leads to impossible standards and catastrophizing, rather than rational, responses  Bandura’s Therapies o Self-control therapy: designed to help people overcome problem habits. Required self-observation, environmental planning, and self-contacts o Modeling therapy: people can overcome disorders by observing another person who is dealing with the same problem in a productive fashion  Humanist therapy: form of psychotherapy based on the philosophy of humanism, which emphasizes the present and the clients will [want] to change rather than past conflicts and assumes
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