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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for TuesJan1012 1Hindusim PreVedic and Vedic Religion midterm good multiple choice question final ex Write an essay on the prevedic Religions about three pages issue the sheer complexity of it more so than the western regionseveryone there dresses just like we do today but in their own way saris turbansthe wide variety is in the name of Hinduism Hinduismin the name of the Indian ppl same as the fact that Canadism capsulates all of the religions in Canada there is no way that we can ever understand all complexities of the Hinduism religion bc this is a intro course and bc we do not practice it ourselves complexity the fact that there are several different gods pluralism that is nonexistent in western religions where there are very strict faiths ex if I am a Jew I am not a Christianhave to study that varietyb4 we get to modern Hinduism we need to first talk about its roots 1 Indus Valley Civilization25001500 BCE 1 Bathing tanks at Mohenjodaro 2 Venus figurinescommon for these to have been worshipped 3 Horned yoga godposition is importantdeity in meditationvegetation around this deity Shiva 4 Burial sites y we take out aritfacts bowls weaponsindicates that they believe in an afterlife y males and females buried together possibly a form of sutteebecomes acceptable for the woman to throw herself on her husbands gravenot reciprocated by husbandit is now prohibited by the law however this is not to say that some still do it the wedding vows state that the women are to be faithful to their husbands not necessarily reciprocated by husband 2 Vedas Knowledge late 1800s
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