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Religious Studies
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RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

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thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs Jan 12121Vedas arrow Vedas larger Deities Castes Rig Samhitas Indva Brahmin Atharva Brahmanas Varuna Kshatriyas Yajur Aranyakas Agni Vaisya Sama Upanishads Soma ShudraBrahman vs Brahminthink I can only be this bc it has an I in it What is behind all of these deities they cant all be the greatest at the same time the real is one Kathenotheismongodatatimeism 2 Caste origin giant purusha self sacrificed everything that we know in this world comes out of the purusha same with the castesOrder is important Brahmincome from the mouth Kshatriyacome from the arms Vaishya come from the thighs heavyShudra come from the feet the Vedas are where we learn about this sacrificenot just a theological idea bc it had divine proofhas taken a long time 3 Change in Sacrifices and Priests role sacrifice is at the whole realitypartthe sacrifice takes on cosmic significancefeeding the purusha providing the sacrificethe sacrifice that the Brahmins offer is the ongoing sacrifice offered to the purushawho is like a big blown up deity who sits in the sky similar to the analogy of God as an old man sitting in the skyBrahminsknowledge of these cosmic sacrifices they have the knowledge to keep the world going and to feed the world knowledge
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